We are the Video Doctors.

With over two decades of video, audio, and digital marketing experience, we can propel busy entrepreneurs to a whole new level of engagement with their customers and help them reach new a whole new audience.

We remove the learning curve of video software, editing, and video platforms. We handle the details like editing, processing, producing, and uploading the video to your various platforms. We coach you on how to improve your performance and connect with your fans on a level you’ve never experienced. We make everything simple so you can keep doing what you’re great at – running your business.

Megan Dougherty is a business and management strategist with a focus on ethical business practices. Over the years she as worked at everything from food service, to the moving industry, from online business education to conference organization. At the end of the day, she believes that the tools we have available now to connect with people and help them get closer to their goals are deeply exciting, and not as complicated as they seem at first.

Megan has a knack for strategy, and figuring out how to work around problems and obstacles with a minimum of hair pulling, teeth gnashing or computer smashing. When confronted with a new technology, her first instinct is to say “ohh, learning curve!” She is passionate about education, and access to information. She believes that pretty much anyone can learn pretty much anything, and there’s no reason not to try.

Megan lives just outside of Ottawa Canada with a handful of charming humans, a real jerk of a cat and several belligerent houseplants. For fun, she cooks elaborate meals of food stuffed into other food, and is learning how to swordfight, chivalrously.

Megan Dougherty

Digital Marketing Genius

Audra is a radio personality, voice over actress, podcast host, video host, audio and video producer, writer, and just about everything in between. She began her broadcast career in 1997 and has been blending brand and engagement ever since.

Audra’s passion is creating things: whether it’s a customer experience, a book trailer, a sales page, a podcast, or a story, she is in her element and strives for nothing less than excellence. Her genius is in working with people to find and communicate THEIR excellence, and in a matter of minutes can identify the core of their interest and expertise, allowing them to make the connections and impressions they need to grow and expand their reach.

Audra lives in north central Texas with her husband, their son, two adorable Labrador Retrievers, and a freeloading cat. When she’s not reading fantasy novels, Audra loves to bake stuff or kill monsters in whatever game she’s currently obsessing over.

Audra Casino

Audio/Video Mastermind