Video Makes You Real


We meet. We have a live discussion via Skype, Zoom, or phone so we can capture your unique vision for the project, to understand its purpose, and to capture the spirit of your brand. Our goal is to create the concept for the video and get a very strong idea of how it will look.


We plan. We’ll create a storyboard with the script and descriptions of footage, as well as the types of transitions and any animations included. If you’re doing YouTube or social media video on a regular schedule, we’ll create a template you can use when you get in front of the camera.


We create. Once you send your raw video, we’ll create your masterpiece! We’ll communicate with you regularly with status updates, creative changes, issues that may arise, and send samples of what we’re doing. You’ll always have peace of mind that things are moving along as you hope they will.


We publish! We’re more than happy to upload it to whatever platforms you have chosen, or we’ll send the video any format you need for your own team to manage the uploads. We’re super-flexible and can even train your staff on how to upload for the best results.

No two businesses are alike. And no two videos SHOULD be alike. We start every project off with a detailed exploration of who you are, what you need, and how you are going to get the most mileage out of every video we produce together.

We’ll talk about your technology, your business, your audience and your goals, and come up with a solution that will get you to where you want to be that is unique to you.

No templates, no re-hashed content, no “oh, another clip from XYZ service.” This is about bringing YOUR voice to the front and center, and bringing the information, entertainment and delight to your community.

Video Doctors Service Types

Promote and Sell

When you have something that you want to bring to your audience, you need to make sure you’re presenting it, and yourself in the best possible light.

Nothing helps people see and understand your vision, and the benefits of working with (or buying from!) you like a clear, well-made video. This is a chance for you to speak directly to your customers, and show them what they are going to get from doing business with you.

As long-time industry professionals, we understand the customer lifecycle and can help you identify what *kind* of video content is going to be right for where your business is, and what your customers need from you.

Video shows that your product works. It shows that you believe in it. It shows that you have thoroughly invested in making sure that your audience understands who you are, and what you do.

It also tantalises and excites- there is no faster or more effective way to let your community know that they want what you have then to SHOW them. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth ten times that.

Connect and Engage

The internet is a busy place. There are a lot of creators competing for the attention, and business, of every internet user.

Standing out from the crowd isn’t easy, but there’s one thing that has never changed in terms of finding, impressing and converting new customers and communities.

People want to engage with those they know, like and trust.

Video makes that process faster, easier, and more genuine because you are letting them see your face and body language – you can’t hide in a video, and that vulnerability goes a long way towards earning trust.

Text and audio have their strengths, and there are times when they are absolutely required – but to make that knowing, liking and trusting easier – there’s nothing that beats giving people a glimpse of the full you.

And let’s not forget – your audience and community are already online, using services like Facebook and YouTube every day – why WOULDN’T you want to meet and greet them there?

Teach and Share

If you’re working in any online industry, you can’t have missed how popular online courses are, and how many people are giving instruction on how to create, sell and repurpose them!

Good quality videos for courses and the materials that go along with them, like launch sequences and awareness campaigns are one of the things that prospective students look at when deciding WHO to learn from. Each teacher and presenter has a unique voice, and shoddy, or hastily prepared videos only detract from it.

Good video in ads, educational content and teaching events is becoming more and more part of the ‘table stakes’ and while it won’t be the only factor to success, by any means, it is something that, if possible, is worth the investment for assets you’ll be reusing for the long term.

Asset is a key work here – more than just explaining what you teach or do, you are creating materials that can be used in multiple environments to help serve and connect with a broader community – the better your videos – the easier to move them from place to place and see their value expand over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I DIY My Videos?

Absolutely. Many people start off doing ALL of their own video work – from Facebook posts to Launch videos and onboarding demonstrations – and that is awesome!

It’s worthwhile to spend some time learning, and if at all possible, invest in a few pieces of good equipment and software so that you look as professional as you can, because poorly made video, no matter how well intentioned the creator is, creates a bad impression.

If you’re going the DIY route – watch our video on getting started and the tools you need – and try to create the highest quality video you can – then take a look at the videos produced by similar entrepreneurs. If your quality is in line with theirs – keep at it until you’re ready to invest in professionally made videos. If you find that thequality you’re able to produce on your own isn’t at the level of similar business owners, either hire the work done for you, or, if you’re not at that phase in your business yet, put your energy towards creating really exceptional written content instead – below-standard video will be worse for you in the long run that exceptional OTHER types of content.


How does buying your services work?

It’s not that hard – but it’s not instant!

We don’t have any “click and buy” services at the moment, and we have a really good reason for it.

We aren’t going to take anyone’s money if we can’t really help them, and give them videos that are going to serve their purposes.

So we have to talk first, to make sure that what you need, and what we can do line up beautifully, and will help you achieve your goals.

We just figure everyone will be happier that way – so if you’d like to get some kickass videos made for your business, book a free consultation with Megan. If, after chatting with her, you decide that you’re in. she’ll send you an invoice, and then you’ll meet with Audra who will help uncover your brilliance and work with you to plan out and shoot your videos.

Then we make the magic happen on our end, and you start getting amazing content as often as you want it.

What if I don't have any equipment or software?

This is a situation that most people find themselves in when they get started!

You don’t need a LOT to get going – but with one or two wise investments you can be making great videos!

We recommend getting an omnidirectional Lav mic – and if your computer’s webcam can’t really handle HD – a slightly higher-end webcam. That’s all you need to be producing content that is head and shoulders above most DIY creators – and when you sign on the the Video Doctors – you don’t need any editing software at all. 🙂

What if I'm really nervous about being filmed?

Then you aren’t alone!

Getting in front of a camera, even in the comfort and privacy of your home IS scary!

But we’ll be with you every step of the way, and we’ll coach and prompt you through the whole process, from arranging your environment and lighting, to speaking clearly and confidently.

We’ll make you look like you’ve been doing this for years.