Levelling Up Your Videos

What do the top performing content creators, YouTuber's, Online Educators and top freelancers have in common with their videos?

Awesome custom video bumpers!

If you're creating videos - or thinking about creating video bumpers for your Sales Videos, Webinars, Online Courses, Youtube Videos, Onboarding and training videos - invest in looking professional, polished and super-charging your brand.

A video bumper is the short (3-10 second) Intro to all videos on a channel, website or in a course. Video bumpers serve a few important functions:

  1. Providing a regular, reliable introduction to your content. This is what alerts your audience to the fact that it's YOU, and sticks in their head as the start of something awesome.
  2. Demonstrating your authority and professionalism. Serious video creators use bumpers - and the best ones are created specifically FOR you and your brand.
  3. Giving life and movement to your brand. Often branding is flat - as in logos and typography choices. This is super important of course, but adding sound and movement brings your messaging to the next level.

There are different kinds and styles of bumpers - think about which one will serve YOUR business the best.

Video bumpers are part of your overall video strategy. They tie the different kinds of videos you create together and provide the visual consistency that reinforces your brand, and teaches your audience to expect and anticipate your unique energy and point of view.

Very often, content producing entrepreneurs use video as an extra or add-on, when really it can be the powerhouse of your business. Videos provide an almost one-on-one experience for your viewers, and there is nothing else that increases the sense of knowing and likely necessary for sales as effectively.

When you create consistently high quality, engaging and informative videos - whether that's in your online courses or part of your YouTube empire, people are going to feel like they know you - like your relationship is personal - and it's an easy jump from that FEELING to making it a REALITY. 

All right - let's look at the different kinds of bumpers you can use in your branding videos. 

Full Video Bumpers

Full Video Bumpers include a logo-reveal and music that reflects your brand, elements of your vision, mission and tagline. This is a powerful and compelling visual representation of who you are and what you do.

Full Bumpers are great for brand awareness videos, sales videos, and at the beginning of online courses.

Short Video Bumpers

Short video bumpers are usually 3-5 seconds, and focus on a logo-reveal with on-brand music.

Short bumpers are great either for videos that are uniformly less than 3 minutes long - or when they are used as a visual break from longer bumpers.

Video Bumper Options

Depending on what kind of videos you're making, you might want a simple or complex bumper.

Simple bumpers are great for when you're just starting out, and don't have a mission, vision or tagline you want to regularly communicate. The other time simple bumpers are fantastic is when your videos are all less than 2 or 3 minutes. Short videos with a long bumper feel unbalanced.

Full bumpers are what really communicates who you are as a business - we include elements of your mission, vision and tagline as well as your logo and branding.

Many businesses, especially those who do different kinds of video (like sales, educational, and awareness building) will want both to be able to maintain the branding, but also provide some visual differentiation between different types of videos.

Simple Bumper

Remind Your Audience Who You Are
  • 3-4 Second Bumper
  • YOUR branding
  • UNIQUE music
  • .MP4 .MOV file formats
  • Free 30 minute video feedback session

Full Bumper

Unforgetting Branding
  • 8-10 Second Bumper
  • YOUR branding
  • UNIQUE music
  • .MP4 .MOV file formats
  • Free (up to) 5 minute edited video
  • Free 30 minute video feedback session

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I Get My Bumper?

We will get your bumper back to you within 3 business days after receiving your logo files and payment of the invoice!

What Will You Need From Me?

We'll need the highest quality logo file you've got! Ideally a...

What If I Hate It?

If you strongly dislike the bumper we make for you, we will do one revision for you. Because creating custom animated videos is a labour intensive task, we cannot offer refunds for the service once it is delivered. (That's why we ask you so many questions BEFORE sending you an invoice!)

Can I Start With A Simple Bumper And Get A Full Bumper Later?

Certainly! If you decide that a simple bumper is best for you right now, and wish to get a full one later, we will pro-rate the price for you and bill you only the difference for the more complex bumper. (You will also be entitled to the extra free bonuses at that time!)

Why Can't I just Click To Pay?

This is a custom service, so before we commit to making you a video bumper, we want to make sure that we have a sense of your style and taste to make sure that we can make you something you'll absolutely love!